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Elaiya Iswera Lallan (born May 16, 1979), popularly known as Lallan, is a Malaysian author, software architect and IT trainer. He is the managing director of Blue Micro Solutions Sdn Bhd, a software development and training company that is located in Malaysia. He was awarded the Best Indian Entrepreneur in Federal Territory award by the Malaysian Indian Businessman Association (MIBA) in 2012. He is also the author of the e-books "Living with Linux in the Industrial World" and "Ethical Hacking and Computer Securities for Beginners". His hacking book was listed as the top 100 best seller chart in ITunes and Google Play.

Appointed Panel Speaker And Moderator For MIDEC 2018 Conference Edit

Me conference speaker

I was panel speaker and moderator for MIDEC 2018 conference. I was handling the topic about startups and crowding funding in Malaysia. The panel speakers have given a good overview and landscape about the crowd funding and how the users can apply for the crowd funding in Malaysia. The panel speakers have indicated that it is better the applicant to have a proven idea and prototype before applying for any crowd funding or approaching any angel investors.

Overall the discussion was successful and the people who have attended the talk have benefited from the panel discussion.

Given a Talk on “How EBooks Can Increase Brand Awareness and Sales for Small Business?” Edit

I have given a talk on “How EBooks Can Increase Brand Awareness and Sales for Small Business?”. Below is the brochure for references.

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My talk invitations was also published in local tamil newspapers in malaysia.

The talk was successful on the 11 December 2017. I wish all those whohave turned up for this event will become successful authors in the future. I have also uploaded my slides at

Click below to download the entire slides.

Learn Python Programming the Fun and Easy Way Edit

Python frontcover

This book is written with the intention to let readers understand and learn Python programming in a fun and easy way. Basically everybody finds it hard to understand programming language. However with the right techniques and programming logics, anyone can learn Python programming easily. In today’s industry, Python programming is widely used for Big Data, Internet of Things, Geographical information, basic mathematical functions in school, university projects and etc. This book caters for all level of users who wants to explorer Python programming language. This book also covers important programming logics like bubble sorting, timer program, queen card program, running numbers, displaying prime numbers and etc to help to build up the programming skills. All the programming steps and screenshots are clearly demonstrated in this book. Anyone completes reading and practicing sample codes of this book should be ready to take up good Python projects to further enhance their programming skills. All the programming logics has been utilized in many Python trainings and workshops.

Good Luck in Python Programming From Iswera Lallan

Involvement and Launching for a Crowd Funding Event Edit

Mr Iswera Lallan was invited as a panel speaker for a crowd funding event on the 1st June 2017.

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Articles contributed Edit

Living with Linux in the Industrial World Edit


This book is an introduction to writing Linux shell scripts and installation of certain important tools for industry usage.

Topics included are the use of commands and shortcuts in shell scripting, monitoring of memory and CPU usages, SSL implementation, packet tracing and webservers in linux environment.

This book was written based on real life industrial experience and practical usage. Plus before this book was produced a several advance linux trainings have been conducted by our experience linux practitioners to several organizations.

Ethical Hacking and Computer Securities For Beginners Edit

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This book is written based on practical usage and research on computer security and networks. Basically everyone has strong concern about computer security networks where by it can sabotage the business and operations. It will be worse if the entire business operations are running on the website or web hosting company.

This book covers practical approach on software tools for ethical hacking. Some of the software tools covered are SQL Injection, Password Cracking, port scanning, packet sniffing and etc. Performing ethical hacking requires certain steps and procedures to be followed properly. A good ethical hacker will find information, identify weakness and finally perform some attacks on the target machine. Then the most crucial part would be to produce a good security audit report for the clients to understand their computer network conditions.

This book also explains and demonstrates step by step most of the software security tools for any beginners in the computer security field. Some of the software tools have been selected and utilized in computer security training and workshops.

Tips for Parental Control|Android Tips for Parental Control Edit

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This book is a guide to parents on how to control the usage of the Android phones for their children. Nowadays children are fast in using the Android phones and capable of searching adult content, downloading games, watching unwanted YouTube movies and etc. Moreover this situation will make the children more addicted to their Android phones. This book gives an comprehensive guideline to parents on steps and areas to handle their children on the usage of Android phones. This book was written with the intention to help parents to allow their children to use their Android phones in the rightful manner and not restrict their children from using their hand phones. Plus there are many types of proposed apps that can be used for different purpose to handle their children on the Android phone usage.

About Computers and Internet Today|All About Computers and Internet Today Edit


Hi Everyone,

We have created this e-magazine for any IT experts out there to contribute and express on any IT knowledge in our article sections. Well this is our first issue of the month. We hope the IT community and the readers will benefit from all the articles we have checked and chosen for this issue. For now we have chosen articles from these IT areas like Linux, Android Apps, Microsoft Windows tips, Video Marketing and other latest IT trends in the market. Our goal is to make our e-magazine the choice for all IT experts to read in the industry.Happy Reading...

From Shamani Narayanasamy Editor, All About Computers and Internet Today, from Blue Micro Solutions

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